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Religion, Misogyny, and Politics

Clinton, Trump pick up big wins

It’s not surprising that Donald Trump’s biggest fans are the religious right. After all, they also believe that a Jewish carpenter saved their “souls” from the sin that Eve caused, that the womb is public property, and that women are Madonnas or whores. And this oppression is not just from Evangelical men, but also, sadly, from the women.

Religion still keeps us enslaved. I’m pretty certain it’s what drives the misogyny behind the hatred for Clinton. What seems to be the right’s major objections with Clinton? She is too driven. She has wanted to be president since she was little. She forgave Bill. She smiles too much. She doesn’t smile enough. She doesn’t look presidential. Yet it’s okay for a man to be driven, to dream of being president as a child, and to have orange hair, a big belly, and small hands that he can’t keep to himself. The double standard, not just held by men, but also by women, is disappointing.

So what is so unforgivable about Clinton? She used a private email server (at the time, not illegal), which created a security threat. She apologized, admitting poor judgment. She dropped the ball in Benghazi, causing the deaths of four Americans (never mind that incompetency from the Bush administration sent us into a baseless war, killing more than five thousand Americans and creating instability in the Middle East). What are her other fatal flaws?

I cannot think of any. She has a long, impressive resume of public service as an elected official and as a civilian. She is smart, qualified, experienced, and level-headed. Everything we’d want in a president. And yes, we want experience, just as we’d want an experienced surgeon to perform a complex operation. 

Many Americans say they want the country to be run as a business (errrr….a business that can make laws, such as outlawing abortion). I’d be a little nervous if my CEO had incurred such ginormous losses, but that’s neither here nor there. I mean, we can just declare bankruptcy, right? Greece is fine–as long as you don’t live there.

Businesses are created to turn a profit and to cut costs. Government pensions? Pffft. The new management doesn’t honor obligations like that. (Whew!) If we ran America like a business, we wouldn’t have to pay taxes. Instead, every citizen would pay to use services and amenities. We’d pay to drive the roads that take us to our homes, to use the fire and police departments, the FDA, the EPA, the schools, and the airports. No more subsidizing food, utilities, or housing. No more tax breaks for homeowners. No, businesses don’t give shit away. They cut corners and jobs and pay their CEOs fat salaries. They’re not in the business of helping, nor of giving away their goods and services.

And our girls? Do we want them to grow up in the shadow of a president who believes that, because a man has power and fame, he can grope and kiss and do as he wishes to women (under the age of 35)? Do you want your daughter to be told she’s fat or ugly or stupid? Do you want a business or a government to decide tell her she cannot have birth control or an abortion? Of course not.

We all need to get out and vote this year—we need to mobilize as the Evangelicals have done in past elections. We cannot leave this election in the hands of the evangelicals. While many of us say they don’t want more of the same, they don’t want another politician or that they’re so sick of an ugly election season, America has had a few years of prosperity now, and Clinton would ensure this continues.


Regulation of GHG on its way.

Amen. The EPA officially declared six greenhouse gases (GHG)detrimental to the environment and the health of Americans. This means cap-and-trade (or a carbon tax) is almost certain. Congress is currently working on climate change legislation that will address these issues. If a new policy on GHG is not forthcoming, the EPA now has the ability to take administrative action.

It should be noted that this has been a long time coming. The Bush Administration chose to take no action when the EPA determined GHG to be a threat.

Cheers for Obama for moving so quickly. It’s time we do our part.