Pat Robertson Says Atheist Women Likely Raped

Well, I gave myself a nice big face palm when I saw this one. Thanks, LanceT for sending along the link.

Robertson says that atheist women were likely raped, and that’s why they reject god. It’s the devil’s work, you know. I wonder if this is true for men, too?

But the question asked by “Sandra” is what really gets me. Sandra wants to know why the atheist woman gets angry when the topic of God is brought up. Should she just abandoned her attempts at saving this woman?

Helllll-o. Surely, no one is that clueless.

No doubt the coworker is as irritated as the rest of us and just wants to be left in peace. (You know, the thing that Christians preach.)

But the most frustrating part is that we know Sandra could care less about what her coworker wants. A new recruit would be just the thing she needs to move her to the head of the heaven train.

So when your coworker says no, no, no, and you don’t respect her wishes, who’s the rapist now?


22 responses to “Pat Robertson Says Atheist Women Likely Raped

  1. Pat Robertson predicted the end of the world in 1983. How anyone even listens to the man after that failure is beyond me.

  2. Reminds me of the anti-bullying laws in Michigan and Tennessee that allow for a religious exemption. Apparently it’s not bullying if you are harassing someone in the name of God. Kind of like how it’s not discrimination if you won’t serve a gay couple in the name of God or it’s not employer overreach into the personal lives of employees if you micromanage the employee health care plan in the name of God.

  3. @Patricia Very true. Such hypocrisy….

    @john zande After I watched that show, I went to see if the 700 Club still aired. I couldn’t believe it’s still going strong. Harry Connick, Jr will be on tomorrow:

  4. No doubt the original questioning, proselytizing coworker is highly irritating. She’s only trying to save your soul! No biggie! Hate to see you burn in hell! HTH. HAND.

    Yet were the happy athiest coworker making similar attempts to save the 700 clubber, there would be much consternation, irritation and likely anger.


  5. I just hope HCjr will be on the show to kick PR’s ass.
    What a prick and a cunt, pardon that I could not find more derogatory words to describe Pat and Sandra.

    Once again – this is what religious people are (too).

  6. So I guess the proper response after a rape is to come to Jesus?

  7. Pat Robertson is a hateful, bigoted old man. It’s unfortunate that his attitude has made him wealthy enough to own his own TV network and continue to distribute his message. His followers cluster around him because he enables and supports their own bigoted, self-righteous notions. And they have all managed to delude themselves into thinking this is what “good Christians” do.

  8. Pat Robertson has no authority or right to speak about women. What makes him an authority on anything female? He’s an old white guy. He should have to spend a year as a woman and then he can speak. This makes me so mad. What a nut. I need one of those primal scream sessions now.

  9. Debbie, you wrote, “But the most frustrating part is that we know Sandra could care less about what her coworker wants. A new recruit would be just the thing she needs to move her to the head of the heaven train.”

    Exactly!! Another reason these stupid christians (I apologize for the redundancy) witness to save souls is because they’re told to do it and they have totally bought into the whole fire and brimstone, fear-based lifestyle. Come on, not one christian who has ever witnessed to me has cared one little ounce about my well-being. It is all about them acting pious. They never pass up an opportunity to flaunt their piousness. I pity the next one who comes to my door. For their sake, I hope it isn’t today!

  10. When are these people going to get it through their heads that I WANT to burn in Hell?
    All this soul-saving is keeping me from doing just that.


  11. I’ve never heard of this man, but he kind of creeps me out. I watched the video and I’m trying to wrap my head around how anyone comes to such a drastic conclusion so quickly. It puts a bad taste in my mouth. I do know Christians who are genuinely ‘concerned’ for fellow human beings, because they don’t know any different, they truly believe if you aren’t saved, you will go to hell and they are concerned at the thought of your ending up there. So I disagree that all Christians don’t care about the well being of those who they are witnessing to. But, those same Christians, are also not pushy and don’t come to wack-a-doodle conclusions like this either!

    • @Rachael: Yes, there are tolerable deluded also. It is just amazing how their brand of delusion gets a free pass on anything.

      Why is it that the least obnoxious of the xians are somehow deserving of reverence in their soul-saving. It sure as hell does not cut both ways – can you imagine what an uproar it would cause if an unbeliever were to preach to the colleagues about godlessness.

      Just because the xianity is popular, it does not make it anymore right to proselytize…

      • @saab93f – I personally feel that all ‘preaching’ on both sides should not be tolerated in polite conversation such as work spaces. Just like sex and politics, religion is a can of worms that is not appropriate for work.

        I wouldn’t give anyone a pass for being pushy, but I think that if someone wants to share their opinions and their beliefs, because I respect everyone’s right to have their own opinions and beliefs. It’s what makes up who we are. Those opinions and beliefs, make up how we feel and how we react to things.

        I can choose to politely decline their ‘preaching’ just as they ca politely decline my beliefs. I feel like there is no need to name call (ie: deluded) on either side of the fence. In the end, we look just as intolerable as those pushy Christians when we stoop to that level of conversation.

        When we all have respect for each other and sit down in a polite conversation, open minds and agree to disagree, it’s not so hard to co-exist with others of different beliefs and backgrounds, regardless the topic.

        • Rachael, I can understand being polite, respectful, etc. if the environment is one where discussion is expected, such as some sort of discussion group or coffee shop meet-up or something. What if a stranger on the street stopped you and suddenly “shared their views” with you, you wouldn’t think that was an intrusion? Frankly, I would get away from that person as quickly as possible. Yes, they have a right to believe anything they want. That’s not the point. But they do not have the right to get into my face to tell me about how they see the world. Would you invite them to lunch so you could smile and have a polite, disagreeable conversation? I find Christians who try to convert me offensive. All of them. I have never met a Christian who would stop talking no matter how gently I told them to please stop because they are not going to get anywhere. If only it were that easy.

          • @someone – I personally find it rude to walk up to anyone, if you are a stranger and just strike up some topic, especially such as religion. That’s not what this was about, however, This was about a woman, who is speaking about her co-worker. They weren’t strangers then, it would seem, in the context of the article.

            There’s the difference.

            It’s never polite or altogether really a good idea to walk up to a stranger and start spouting things off. There’s also a difference between “getting in your face” and “sharing your concerns”.

            To this particular woman, it is a concern that her co-worker may go to hell. That’s part of a brainwashing technique of the church. I’m a former Christian, I know how the mentality works. I also know, that as an Atheist mother, I know that I would also find an Atheist who ridiculed and belittled someone of another faith (also attempting to convert) just as offensive.

            The point is, it goes both ways. The woman asking the question in this article, strikes me as a well-meaning Christian woman (shocking, there are some). This man answering the question, is the real problem – going to a complete an utter shocking extreme to scare the woman into becoming the kind of Christian you despise.

            In the end, the golden rule will always apply – regardless of what side of the religious fence you reside. Treat others as you want to be treated. It doesn’t get more simple than that and frankly, I still think we can co-exist by practicing what we preach to our youngest of children, just that “Treat others as you want to be treated.” In the end, then it doesn’t matter if you are Christian or Atheist.

            • Rachael, I appreciate your fine writing and cogent explanation. I understand what you mean now. You seem very nice. Thanks for setting me straight.

        • I would not call a xian deluded to his/her face. I do not want to deliberately hurt people. Nevertheless faith is psychologically speaking a delusion if you hear voices or if an entity tells you to do things.
          What frustrates me is that xian preaching is by default given a free pass ie. they are thought to be doing good and being caring. If a satanist would have done what “Sandra” did I’d be willing to guess that few would be defending that person. To me there is little difference between different brands of religiosity.

      • I agree. Witnessing to another person is at the very start offensive, at least to me. What kind of reaction would I get if I walked up to complete strangers and kindly, gently told them they’re really just clueless? So why is it OK for Christians to do this?

  12. @Rachael I agree that, even if some xtians (or any people of faith) have set a bad example in the past, it is now incumbent upon us to do better. We don’t have to increase the hostility. Most are not like Robertson, thankfully, but even one of him is way more than we need!

  13. LOL! Geez. I’m definitely one of those atheist women who are openly hostile to people who try to proselytize to me. I’ve been known to slam the door in the face of door-to-door Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses while they are in mid-sentence, and without a word from me (although I do shoot them a hateful glare.) I absolutely LOATH uninvited proselytizing. I just find it so offensive that someone would taken it upon themselves to start questioning me or anyone else’s most deeply held views on the meaning of life and foundations of morality. And yet I had a happy childhood, was never bullied in school (even though I was a nerd – the popular kids in my schools were nice kids), and I’ve always had healthy relationships with men and am about to celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary. Certainly was never raped. What an idiot Pat Robertson is.

    • LOL. I have in the past tried to actively deconvert Jehovah’s witnesses. Mormons are generally just too polite for me to engage in adversarially. I to find it offensive when I get proselytized to. And yes…. Pat Robertson is a dope.

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