Down Syndrome

Lisa Morguess has done more to educate me about Down Syndrome than any other person or book.  I have known several moms with DS children, and yet, I never knew their struggles.

I’d like to share this wonderful post she wrote about World DS Day. I hope she will enlighten you, too. IMO, awareness is a huge step in making changes, and it’s a responsibility we all should share.


4 responses to “Down Syndrome

  1. Thanks, Debbie. Raising awareness and working to make the world a better place for all people like you are doing – that’s humanism at its best.

  2. There’s a line of glasses for kids and young adults with DS from a company called Spec4us. They have a lower bridge and shorter temples that are tailored to commonly associated facial features of DS. The story is pretty amazing. An opticians’ daughter has DS and she could not make glasses work for her child, so she decided to invent the line. Very cool!

  3. Thought I’d repost this link that deals with differently abled people. It’s a very heartwarming story and a reminder to us all to recognize the joy of life that others express as well.

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