CookieCott 2014

You know the saying, it just takes a few bad apples. Well, here’s a fine example that proves the old adage.

A handful of Christian conservatives from Waco, Texas, are bullying the Girl Scouts because of a tweet this past December referencing Wendy Davis and Kathleen Sebelius. This deplorable effort is being led by retired Baylor University professor John Pisciotta. According to the CookieCott site, and the flier you can download and give to the parents of Girl Scouts explaining why you can’t buy their cookies, Davis stands for abortion, and the mere mention of her name as a candidate for Woman of the Year (in a tweet), threw these extremists into a frenzy. Boooooo!

For godssake. How very Christian. Don’t they see the irony in their behavior? Would Jesus also bully young girls who have no flipping clue what’s going on, who are just trying to earn money for camping trips?

The problem is that it’s always the same unhappy people who get all the attention, and a very small minority who ruin things for everyone else.  The radicals on the right, which includes Fox News, have come to represent Christianity, and they are giving it a very, very bad image. In demanding that everyone believe the same sh*t as they do, they have become extremists.  These same folks whine that government limits their rights, and yet, they try to limit the rights and liberties of everyone else. Now they’re pushing their agenda on innocent girls. Shame. On. Them.

Do you know what we call extremist acts that are coercive, violent or oppressive as a way to achieve a political goal?

We call them acts of terrorism. Not bullying. These folks are terrorists.


He’d buy more cookies. Prior to today, I bought one box of Girl Scout cookies from each of the Scouts I know in my neighborhood. I figured I’d done my duty. But after reading this article, and doing a little research, I’m going to go buy more boxes, even from the girls set up outside the grocery stores, restaurants and Lowe’s. I’ll donate the boxes, give them to the kids I know. But I am going to buy more.

Here’s where you can locate cookies in your area.

If you’d like to send Mr. Pisciotta a tweet, asking him to stop garnering attention for his cause by bullying innocent children, you can find him here (@WacoProlifer).


34 responses to “CookieCott 2014

  1. I’ve bought two boxes so far this year. But I also know that most of the money goes to the organization, and does not stay with the troop for their activities. The troop only gets about 50 cents per box. I used to be a Campfire Girl, and we sold cans of peanuts, and it was the same, we sold a ton of the things, and only kept a small part of that to run our group, which never seemed fair. So I’m always torn about buying those expensive samoas and thin mints.

  2. I bought a few extra boxes because of this already.

  3. I love you, Debbie. Just more rationalization for buying Tagalongs.

    I’ll share this with my Facebook friends. Cookies for everyone!

  4. What is the connection in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts? I’ve always shunned the Boy Scouts due to their stance on gays, and Girl Scouts too because I thought they were closely related. I don’t buy anything from either because I simply don’t need the stuff they sell, especially cookies, but I just politely tell them no thank you; I certainly don’t tell they why I say no and bully them!

    • My understanding is that they are completely different organizations (no shared leadership, etc.) and that the Girl Scouts do not discriminate against any individuals, including people who are gay/lesbian, in either membership or leadership roles. I don’t need too many boxes of cookies, either, but I do feel good about supporting the Girl Scouts when I do buy my annual supply of Tagalongs and Thin Mints!

  5. Hopefully this will bolster sales of cookies!

    Just don’t like seeing the girls receiving flack for something they have no control over. Guess this shows the girls that even grown-ups can be childish bullies. Probably a lesson there, unfortunately.

  6. These are actions of the Religion of Love ™. This is what they are, just like the bigots in Kansas who drafted the anti-gay bill. They are loathable people who deserve nothing but ridicule.

    Even though these show what Christianity is today, it is also worth mentioning that there are also decent Christians.

    • Konsta–I try to remember that there are many decent Christians. It’s too bad so many people watch Fox News (and only Faux News) around here. It just perpetuates the bad behavior…

      And I like your TM “Religion of Love”!

  7. Geez, cookies and children’s movies. Who knew there was so much evil hiding in such innocent-seeming things.

    I think I’m going to go buy about 50 boxes of GS cookies, and go see Frozen a few more times 😉

  8. When my daughter was a Girl Scout they had lots of people just donate money and not buy cookies. It was wonderful to see their generosity! Also if you want to support them but don’t want to eat the cookies, you can buy boxes that they donate to the troops!

  9. Nope, this fits right in with what Jesus had to say:

    “Don’t imagine that I came to bring peace on earth! No, rather a sword if you love your father, mother, sister, brother, more than me, you are not worthy of being mine.” – Matthew 10:34

    But Jesus’ sky-daddy was even worse:

    Happy is He who repays you for what you have done to us. He who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks. – Psalms 137:8-9

    Ah, like father like son. The bible is one scary book, and these rabid Xtians are pretty much following suit.

  10. Just following their holy cow, I mean holy father:
    2 Kings 6:33
    Behold, this evil is of the Lord.

    Isaiah 45:7
    I … create evil.

    Job 2:10
    What? shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?

    Lamentations 3:38
    Out of the mouth of the most High proceedeth not evil and good?

    Amos 3:6
    Shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?

  11. This is why I still bought popcorn from the Scouts even when they were trying to deny gay people leadership roles and potentially gay boys admittance into the Scouts. Yes, I feel very strongly that bigotry is wrong, wrong, wrong. But these are just kids who want to go to Scouts and do Scout things. When my boys were younger, they were in Scouts and I was a freaking den leader. An ATHEIST den leader! I didn’t disclose that fact but it never came up. I helped the kids meet their goals, have fun, and by George we sold as much stinking popcorn as we could so they could go to camp in the summer. Those kids didn’t care about poltics or religion. Adults need to keep their issues to themselves and let kids be kids and have fun. I just shake my head now when I see local churches in my area who have broken ties with the Boy Scouts because they have finally decided (under much public pressure) that refusing to accept people based on sexual orientation is wrong. Whatever these churches are teaching, it isn’t love. The Girl Scouts don’t have to worry though, because I have bought my fair share of cookies from them next year and will do so next year as well. 🙂

    • @Christa You were smart not to disclose that you’re an atheist. I learned the hard way. I’ve posted about a time when the den leader called me and said my son would have to complete a religion badge, and I told him that we didn’t believe in God and didn’t go to a church. He told us we had to believe in God in order to for my son to be a Scout. My son was so disappointed. You’re right–kids don’t care about politics or religion, they just want to have fun with the other kids.

      • @Christa and @Debbie

        But the main problem is that these organizations can be and often are used for indoctrination. Because kids are not immune from mass media, they learn about the goals of these organizations. Thus, they are openly exposed to ideological indoctrination. Granted, most everything adults present children is indoctrination in one form or another as we try to help them became participants in society. What we find is that the varying forms of indoctrination compete with each other.

        @PiedType below… It is impossible to leave kids out of politics. They are influenced by it regardless of the wishes of the adults around them. Even if parents don’t talk about politics, kids will still hear about it from numerous other sources. Some people go so far as to see kids as a major political topic. Look at school board elections.

  12. I don’t care who you are or what you believe. Leave the kids out of your politics.

  13. Rather than buy cookies, which I need like a hole in the head, I donate directly to the troop in the girl’s name. She still gets to camp, I don’t have to support an organization who seems to have lost sight of part of its mission, and I’m not stuck with over priced cookies loaded with crap.

  14. OMG how did I miss this post?? I’m the troop leader for my daughter’s troop, and this has been an in-our-face nightmare. Our troop has faced it once, in person, when one of my neighbors in my neighborhood got right up in the faces of my 3rd grade troop and said, “The Girl Scouts partners with planned parenthood, and I won’t buy any product from anyone who advocates abortion and killing little babies! Do you really want to kill little babies?” Then went on to inform my co-leader and I that it’s “her job” to “educate” our girls. It was a nightmare.

    For anyone who wants to support the girls in scouts, but doesn’t want to eat the cookies, you can always do Gift of Caring purchases. In our troop, we send donated boxes of cookies directly to deployed soldiers (addresses received through one of the parents who is an Army recruiter 🙂 ) Donations to the troop are also always appreciated!

    • The Gift of Caring purchase is exactly what I did.

      Didn’t say why I did so- just asked how to go about purchasing cookies for the Operation Thin Mint program and gave ‘em $100. Shoulda seen the child’s eyes grow wide.

      Wish the cops could be called whenever someone decides to ‘educate’ the girls like that. That’s harassment.

  15. So sorry to hear that your girls had that experience, Shanan.

    Yes, donation is a great idea. Several people even mentioned just sending a donation. I made a “donation” of boxes to my son and his friends at college. He will be getting them this weekend!

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