Abortion and Climate Change and Rush Limbaugh

Please forgive me for posting again so soon, but I could not pass this up:

One of America’s favorite whiners, Rush Limbaugh, said that, if you believe in god, then you cannot believe in climate change. Well, it’s a good damn thing I don’t believe in god because I do indeed believe in climate change, which is, no matter how ignorant Rush is, verifiable and provable, unlike his god. Rush says in this video, “We are so powerful. And we are so impotent–omnipotent that we can destroy–we can’t even stop a rain shower, but we can destroy the climate. And how? With barbecue pits and automobiles, particularly SUVs. It’s absurd.”

Ignoring the Freudian slip about his impotence, the gist of his complaint is that humans can’t control the weather, and therefore, they cannot control and are not responsible for global warming “…because man cannot control something he can’t create.” Right. We can’t redirect water, build damns, cut down trees or hunt a species into extinction. Got it. We have no control.

So we know that Rush has poor logic, but what else is he trying to tell us by tying in the whole abortion thing?

Well, it seems to me that if god puts babies in the bellies of women, then “intellectually” you can’t believe that man destroys the fetus either. I mean, like, we don’t create life, so how can we destroy it through abortion? We’re impotent, right? Or is it that Limbaugh’s omnipotent god cannot stop us from destroying both a fetus and the planet?

Maybe Rush should be listening more to John Kerry and less to those confusing folks at Fox News. Yes, Rush, we are “the safe guarders of god’s creation,” and whether god is a gray-haired old man or nature, we need all need to work together to preserve this planet for future generations of humans.

See, we’re not actually “destroying the climate,” we’re just making it less habitable for people–like your kids and grandkids.


55 responses to “Abortion and Climate Change and Rush Limbaugh

  1. I agree 100% with your points above. Funny, I just saw an AlterNet article about the intelligence of religious people vs. atheists. It seems that yes we, the latter, are smarter!

    • Rush and Co are so frustrating. They are popular and thus get their voices heard. Simultaneously they are incredibly stupid and downright evil. There is nothing good is trash they spout.
      Rush may well be a great dad and a congenial fellow to his friends but…

      What I find truly odd (as you mentioned, Deb) is that xians claim to be the guardians of the earth but their actions speak of preparing for the “better world” and letting this one be destroyed.

  2. Rush apparently has no ‘peak stupid.’ This is from 2007.

    “If you don’t believe in God, you have no meaning in your life, and you will thus search for meaning, and you will find it anywhere. Most people, even atheists, want religion of some kind in their life. Hello, global warming, as a substitute—apparently unrecognized and not even organized—religion. Yet it is. So you can set the stage for more people, if the atheists were to ever get their way, of establishing global warming as an unofficial religion that does force people to behave in religious ways, just to a false god: the earth, a tangible god… The global warming people essentially are atheists. You cannot believe in the God of Creation and believe manmade global warming. You just can’t. You might run around and say, ‘I don’t want to destroy God’s creation.’ God’s laughing at you. You can’t! He could, but you can’t. You can’t create it; you can’t destroy it.” —Rush Limbaugh

    • @LT Ah…well, apparently I don’t listen to him enough. This is a recurrent problem!

      • “If you don’t believe in God, you have no meaning in your life”[.]

        @Deb – I actually researched the quote for this part because I remember reading it in the opening paragraph of a Limbaugh book that my right-wing Xian sister had and thought at the time it was one of the more vacuous statements I ever read. I did not realize until now just how much more stupid it encapsulated.

        The stupid. It burns!

        • @LT That quote is pretty sad, but I’m most surprised that you have a right-wing xtian sister that reads Limbaugh

          • @Deb – As an individual she’s sweet…but politically she’s a Fauxtard through and through. I’d be at a loss to try to psychoanalyze it (we all have our own baggage) but she was raised in a household of all men/boys because we lost our mother before she turned one (I was not quite two). She is the baby of the family, I’m the middle kid, and our brother is the eldest. We fit the birth order profile fairly accurately it seems.

            • @LT Sorry to hear that you lost your mom so young.

              I just have one brother, but we are very different, too.

            • @Deb – that last line s/b “We fit the birth order profile fairly accurately it seems.”

              I once had an adult friend say at his mother’s funeral when we were both in our forties, “You’re lucky. You didn’t know your mother.”

              I let it pass.

              • I’ll fix the comment.

                I know–people try, but sometimes what they say doesn’t come out so well. I’m sure I do this a lot.

                • I took it in the context of the pain he was going through at the time. It might have occurred to him later what it meant to grow up with a mother’s love and guidance. My dad did a wonderful job as a single father (I have stories from when I was little about the women he dated who were auditioning for “substitute” mom – it was like a sitcom) but it wasn’t always easy being a latch-key kid.

  3. As a software engineer, I have to say, I find his lack of understanding of forming conclusions using logic to be quite grating. It reminds me of one of my logic professors in college. First day of class, this was written on the board:
    “Nothing is better than true love.”
    “A ham sandwich is better than nothing.”
    “Therefore…. ”

    Yeah, Rush’s “logical conclusion” makes about that much sense.

  4. Limbaugh is a mean-spirited, vindictive troll who’ll say anything to make a buck from the ignorant people who hang on his every word. He’s right about one thing; humans don’t cause climate change. Nature does that. Nor did humans cause or bring about global warming. But we are contributing to and accelerating it. Even Limbaugh, when he exhaled his first breath, began contributing to it. And whether he likes it or not, he’s going to be affected by it just like everyone else.

    • “Limbaugh is a mean-spirited, vindictive troll who’ll say anything to make a buck from the ignorant people who hang on his every word.”

      I used to work with a woman who listened to his radio show every morning. I’d be groaning and rolling my eyes as she literally hung on EVERY word, usually with a fist pump and a “right on!” It made for very long, grueling work hours.

  5. Rush’s job is to get attention by making outlandish claims, and insulting people, the more the better. The more who listen, the more money he makes. It seems it has been sometime since he grabbed any headlines, which is why he has, IMHO, selected two hot topics to ring you chimes. The less who react to this drivel, the more likely he will fade away.

  6. I don’t know… hitting on Rush Limbaugh is like shooting fish in a barrell, All his arguments are flawed from the surface to the core and probably doesn’t even deserve the waste of bits and energy to discuss all his bulls**t. It is not like he’s got it slightly wrong, or his arguments are well though out, on the contrary, he is self contradictory and, on top of it he is not afraid to make an ass of himself on a daily basis. It is simply pointless to engage in a discussion about his ideas (and yes, “ideas” is a kind of a non-deserved compliment for the series of words that he spits out of his mouth)

  7. I feel so sorry for people who listen to Rush Limbaugh and take him seriously. No one should be that stupid. It seems so unnatural and cruel.

  8. The fact that Rush managed to twist himself into a knot over the idea that we can gradually change the global climate over the course of centuries but cannot alter patterns of weather within the span of days says significantly more about his own intellectual capacity than it does about the ideas he’s criticizing.

    This, by the way, is the reason why the only Rush I listen to is the Canadian power trio with such timeless hits as Tom Sawyer, YYZ, and 2112. If you do not know what I’m talking about, look them up and you’ll forget all about America’s Favorite Man-Dumpling (h/t Stephen Colbert).

  9. Rush Limbaugh is so offensively stupid that I refuse to debate his nonsense. Not believing in science is like not believing in air or gravity. You can say neither exists, but you cannot say it without either.

  10. Rush uses this kind of faulty logic because its easier than coming up with a valid rationale, and because it works on his dim-bulb listeners.

  11. The whole Rush Limbaugh phenomenon is so puzzling to me. Why do otherwise intelligent people think this man is smart and worth listening to? He’s an entertainer, making millions of dollars spewing garbage that even he doesn’t believe, laughing all the way to the bank. And even more puzzling is Glenn Beck, who I think really believes the bullshit he spews on a daily basis. Some of my friends listen to his garbage and quote him as if he’s an authority! I want to take them by the shoulders and shake them until their brain is scrambled! Or unscrambled, I guess 🙂

    • @Kathy Glenn Beck is in an entirely different category. He may actually believe a lot of the weirdness he spews. Many people have conjectured that Beck is caught up in the mormon apacolyptic cannon. Do search on Glenn Beck, Moron, and Apacolypse.

      I think Glenn Beck is truly unbalanced as a person. Rush Limbaugh is just a money grubbing entertainer willing to stoop to any level to keep an audience.

      • @Derrick The thing is, people around here listen to him and believe him, and because of this, a small minority of people are able to make changes that affect all of us. Here in my town, they got rid of the Office of Environmental Stewardship. We were pretty progressive for a Texas town.

      • @Derrick, maybe I misunderstood your meaning, but you just restated everything I wrote. Were you agreeing with me, or taking issue with something I said?

  12. I believe in climate change; I just find myself wishing that it would endanger some species of Stupid — the ones that include Limbaugh and Beck, for instance. I want desperately to convince myself that they do not belong to the same species as the rest of us; irrational as that is, I still want to find some separating line.

    • @syrbal – Good point. The know-nothings will spell the doom of us all.

      I’m reminded of the 3 Stooges bit where Curly is drilling through the bottom of the row boat to ‘let the water out.’


      • :::hands over eyes:::: Yeah, that is about how exalted it is getting these days.

      • What is the “real reason” behind the stupid? A couple of quite recent studies have confirmed that there is a strong correlation between religiosity and (measurable) intelligence but that alone cannot be it. Xians like to portray themselves as guardians of the earth but the staunchest opponents of ANYTHING remotely environmentally sound, are the most pious. How do they reconcile the contradiction to themselves is way beyond me.

        People like Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh are talented in their vitriol – they (as far as I can tell) rarely say anything directly damning themselves but they sorta make their listeners or readers go into frenzy. The comments on theblaze website are hair-raising at worst. The evil and stupid is very strong in (what seems like quite many) Christians.

  13. I haven’t listened to Rush in quite a while, but his tag line used to be “Talent on loan from God.” What a jackass.

    • @Kathy I didn’t know that was his tag line. It’s pretty funny, though. (Please, give it back, Rush!) haha. The scary thing is so many people think he’s logical. I guess that goes back to where he gets his talent from…

  14. Fun find – as a counterpoint to the idiocy highlighted in this thread…a voice of reason.

    10 Great Ricky Gervais Quotes On Life, God, And Humor


      • Thanks, LT. I enjoyed the Gervais article and, especially, his quotes!

        • @Deb – I thought this quote in particular applied to you and most the commenters in here —

          You should bring something into the world that wasn’t in the world before. It doesn’t matter what it is. It doesn’t matter if it’s a table or a film or gardening-everyone should create. You should do something, then sit back and say, ‘I did that.’ ~ Ricky Gervais

          Read more at http://www.quoteauthors.com/quotes/ricky-gervais-quotes.html#U2Ltyx4CCDZHzpTd.99

          • @LT That quote stuck with me, too. It sort of gives everyone “purpose.” I was thinking, well, as humans, there’s nothing new that we can bring into the world. But, as individuals, we bring something new through our unique perspectives.

            I think it’s interesting because, when you believe, you think that god has a purpose for you. But your “purpose” is just something that either you fall into or someone else (for example, a parent or teacher) helps guide you to. When you don’t believe you have a divine purpose, you’re aware that you are defining yourself and creating your own.

            • “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” ~ Aesop

              @Deb – I think it kind of goes hand and hand with the one above from the “A Project for Kindness” website in that these random or specific acts of kindness are unique in their meaning to those whom they help and oft times generate a ripple effect that becomes a ‘force multiplier.’

              No one can do everything but everyone can do something.

  15. Great piece from a previously linked site (for all the parents) —

    Don’t let yourself become so concerned with raising a good kid that you forget you already have one.



    Do men have the ability to effect climate change on the planet earth? Are heat waves, cooling temperatures, earth quakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, droughts, gale-force winds, and snow storms the result of man’s mismanagement of the planet?

    Is it not naive and arrogant to assume that puny man can effect climate change? Man-made climate change is a grand hoax, at best.


    Genesis 6:13 The God said to Noah, “The end of all flesh has come before Me; for the earth is filled with violence because of them; and behold, I am about to destroy them with the earth.

    Were men responsible for the change in the weather pattern? Yes. Did men effect the change of the weather? No, God caused it to rain for 40 days and 40 nights, not men.

    Genesis 18:20 And the Lord said, :The outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah is indeed great, and their sin is exceedingly grave.

    Genesis 19:24 Then the Lord rained on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven,

    Were men responsible for the weather change in Sodom and Gomorrah? Yes. Did men cause the weather to change? No, God effected the change in the climate.

    1 Kings 8:35 “When the heavens are shut up and there is no rain; because they have sinned against You….

    Men are sometimes responsible for droughts, however, God effects the weather changes.

    Matthew 27: 51,54 And behold , the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth shook and the rocks were split. 54 Now the centurion, and those who were with him keeping guard over Jesus, when they saw the earthquake and the things that were happening, became very frightened and said, “Truly this was the Son of God!”

    Notice, the centurion did not attribute the earth quake to man-made climate change.

    2 Peter 3:10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up.

    Men are responsible for the global warming that is coming.

    No amount of green initiatives will stop the final global warming. Puny men will have no effect on the final climate change.



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    • Hi Steve Finnell, Sorry but your comment went into my spam box (and quite a comment it was). I don’t agree with you, of course. Are you telling me that God caused it to rain for 40 days and 40 nights, but he couldn’t even control the men and women he created in his own image? Noah was able to build an ark the length of 1.5 football fields?

      Your God also said (Genesis 8:21), “I will never again curse the ground for man’s sake, although the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth; nor will I again destroy every living thing as I have done.” So, according to your god, we have nothing to worry about.

      I don’t think you understand basic science. Anthropogenic climate change is not a hoax.

    • If you’re claiming you can show that God can control the weather (and I assume you mean the climate too), then you’re welcome to put forth your hypothesis, submit your evidence, and go through the peer review process like everyone else. If you succeed, then you’ll basically re-write science as we know it and be the most famous person alive. We all eagerly await your submission.

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