Your stories

Some of you know that I’ve been working on a book that will be published next spring. Thanks–so much–to those folks who have participated. Adding other voices makes for a much more interesting read.

I am looking for a few more stories from non-believers who are ex-Muslim, Hindu or Mormon. If you would like to share your experiences, please e-mail me at


14 responses to “Your stories

  1. LanceThruster

    It’s too bad my student atheist group is no langer active, or I could put you in touch with some of them. They were subsumed by the Ayn Rand Objectivism group who are essentially neocons in liberterian clothing. I remember international students from other countries breathing the fresh air of unbelief here in the states and explaining how this same worldview expressed in their home countries could get them killed, or imprisoned by the state, or ostracized by their families. As frustrating as it can be for us here in the US, others have an even rougher time of it.

    It’s an amazingly unifying feeling, to have more in common with an individual from halfway around the globe, than with the god-botherers in your own community.

    • @LT “International students from other countries…” You just wanted to make sure we got it! 😉 Sad that those students did not feel free to express themselves in their home countries.

      I did try to get in touch with others through recommended links. Some people have written privately. Still no Muslim representation, though.

      It’s interesting to see how saab93f sees us–he’s in Finland, and they seem to be much more laid back. We do have a lot of extremes here in the US.

  2. LanceThruster

    I guess that should be “various” countries as international students from “other countries” is redundant, no?

  3. The Truth Hurts

    Please add FORMER nutty Jehovah’s Witnesses to your list. I have lived next to over-the-top JWs who just provided me with “savior” literature even though they know damn well what I believe!!

    The Muslims get you at birth “by default,” the Mormons get you after you die, and the door-knocking JWs interrupt you at your own front door on Saturday with a sandwich in your hand!

  4. I just can’t wait for this book to come out!

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