I really get irritated when an acquaintance forwards stupid emails. I don’t say that, of course. I just delete them. They won’t understand. That’s why I’m posting here with this community.
It’s frustrating to read that people think we need “GOD back in our lives and in school!” That’s why we have so much violence, so many problems. (Never mind the example we set as adults or how we’ve desensitized our kids to violence via movies, television and music.) We’ve “failed to understand” that we need God!  Not: We, as parents or as a society, failed to teach or reach our kids. Not: How can we fix this. Instead: Allow us to mindlessly chant and worship and impotent God. Can I say the f-word now?
Why can’t people connect the dots? If your God is so wonderful, why does he allow your kids to be killed? Why not just kill the nonbelievers or the people who have kicked God out of the classroom? God is in Christian schools and those kids are not exempt from heartbreak and tragedies. God is in your churches and bad things happen. Priests molest. Children get cancer. People steal. Couples cheat, even those who have been married in your churches. If God’s presence matters, shouldn’t we see some sort of correlation. Hello?
I’m not going to berate the people who send me “Wonderful and meaningful poem and understanding of what realy needs to be done, GOD back in our lives and in school!” (Their bad grammar, not mine.) They are obviously buried under years of bullshit. As long as we keep God out of schools (well, as best we can), I won’t begrudge people for wishing, for wanting less violence. But you’d think at some point, they’d go “hmmmmm.” This God thing isn’t working. What can we do?



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  1. What? You mean that posting the Ten Commandments in every classroom isn’t going to fix everything?

    (I’m a grammar snob myself. I try not to be since DH is dyslexic and has horrible spelling. Today’s ‘must refrain from snarky comment’ was a Facebook political comment. “Defend our right to Bare Arms.” I picture a bare arm raised in the air, fist clenched.)

    • @Erica C LOL. I have a lot of those “must refrain from snarky comment” moments when I log-on to FB. I swear it brings out the worst in humanity. I keep my account only so I can practice deep breathing!

  2. Rene C.L. Pauwels

    God, what is the meaning of this word?
    I don’t know any god!

  3. My thoughts exactly…and I too delete rather than argue. Because that’s what it becomes…an arguement. I reserve their and my right to be wrong.

  4. If God’s presence matters, shouldn’t we see some sort of correlation.

    That would obviate the need for faith. And God asks us to have faith in him.

  5. One of my pet peeves are the prayers to God and the chain letters which I must forward or I will be struck down by God. Honestly, if there was an Almighty I sincerely doubt that he would spend his time looking for prayers in FB or making sure that I sent that chain letter to X amount of people to prove my devotion.

  6. Whenever I hear these “Gawd in School would have prevented this!” things, I have to think of all of the instances of churches that have been visited with crime, especially violence, and wonder, “but isn’t your God welcome in churches? Why the shootings, and child molestation, and outright theft are allowed in houses of worship dedicated to him?”

  7. It drives me crazy too. I am supposed to ‘praise God!’ when a child’s cancer is cured, but not blame this God when the child got cancer in the first place?
    If there really was a god, we would get rid of him/her for doing a horrible job.

  8. You said it all……

  9. That whole thing about taking God out of schools and that being the reason innocent little children are brutally murdered is just one of the sickest things I have ever heard. So basically this all loving god just turns his back on 20 “babies” just to spite those who removed him from schools?? What kind of bullshit is that anyway?? Ok then, why is that we have “In God We Trust” on all of our money and yet it doesn’t keep people from stealing it or using it for bad things, does it? People are all up in arms about having that phrase removed… why? What purpose does it really serve? What I really hate is when something bad happens, like say there’s a car accident and 2 people die but 1 survives. Family members will say things like “Thank GOD Jimmy survived” but how does that make the other family members of the other people feel, the ones that didn’t survive? How cruel of him to save just 1 of them! It just seems like religion breeds ignorance. People just need to take responsibility and stop trying to put the responsibility on God. And what did God do before the internet??

    • @Gina Good point about money and the phrase “In God We Trust.” I agree with you about accidents, natural disasters, etc, where people claim that “God saved them.” Or that God had a special purpose for keeping them alive (not everyone else). Ugh. As for the taking God out of schools thing… I see and hear that often, unfortunately. Just do a Google search on taking God out of the schools…

  10. I can add nothing but empathy.

  11. Just wanted to say, I totally feel your pain. Even a simple sneeze elicits a “bless you” from my co-workers even though they know I’m an atheist (and it’s allergy season, so I get many, many daily blessings, lol). I finally got myself “unsubscribed” from the daily office “have a blessed day” emails that, I know are sent with (probably, hopefully) the best intention. Still, for me it comes down to the double standard where atheists are expected to be tolerant of and respectful toward believers, but believers typically show not once ounce of tolerance or respect toward my atheist beliefs. Grrrrr….so yeah, I feel ya!

    • @Kim….Yes, I agere with you here! “Still, for me it comes down to the double standard where atheists are expected to be tolerant of and respectful toward believers, but believers typically show not once ounce of tolerance or respect toward my atheist beliefs.”

      I’m also with you on this–that the emails are sent with good intentions….

  12. Let’s start with the fact that ‘god’ is just a variant pronunciation of Goth. Then everyone should learn that there are 2,363 named gods on earth. Next, it would help if the followers of the Middle East’s three monotheistic religions got their start in the writings of Zarathustra. The ones who believe in the bible should remember that what is translated as ‘god almighty’ in the King James version was just ‘god of the mountain’ in the original text. Those of the Jewish faith should remember that their calendar was created in 360CE by a group of 9 rabbis who based it on the idea that every man lived to be exactly 100 years old when the lifespan for men in those days was in the mid 30s. They should also learn that their supreme god YHWH, Yahweh or Jehovah, was originally just ‘god of thunder’ until the Hebrews came into contact with the followers of Zarathustra. And those who follow Allah (al lah, the god) usually recited a memorized prayer in Arabic just as the followers of Zarathustra recited a memorized prayer in Old Persian five times a day. Finally, those who attend bull fights and shout ‘Ole’ are just shouting the Spanish version Allah and they should learn that bullfighting is based on the cult of Mithra who is usually shown slaying a bull.

  13. @dam…..this is one I got on FB yesterday from a friend who went back to her Mormon faith after she went through a few years of hardship:
    Everybody, let’s do this (and NBC – this one’s for you!)….We should flood Facebook with this…”I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which is stands: one nation under GOD, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all”. RE-POST IF YOU THINK GOD, OUR COUNTRY, OUR FLAG AND OUR MILITARY DESERVE RESPECT!!!!….Let’s just see how many AMERICANS will repost.

    We can respect our military, our country and our flag, but they always have to bring GOD into it all. So irritating! I was so tempted to comment on her post that I will repect this post and share if God were removed. 😛

    I agree Gina……..religion breeds ignorance. It also suppresses critical thinking. People that forward religious emails do simply that, they press the fwd key and don’t really give any critical thinking to what they are sending.

    What happened to those of religious faith saying God is everywhere? (omnipresence) Or omniscience, to know everything that can be known about a character. Then there is having unlimited power, omnipotence.

    @pir faqir…..damn….now everytime I hear Ole I will be thinking ” Allah!.”

    • @mtprairiegirl Yeah, and if you don’t repost, you’re not a “true American!” Damn you! 😉

      I hadn’t ever heard the Ole! reference either and thought that was interesting, too.

      This is very confusing: God is omnipotent and omniscient. So he already knew when he created man what would happen. How flipping mean is that? He already knew he’d created a flawed product, and he didn’t even do a recall or update. You’d think, at least, he would have given us a chance–and he’s supposed to be such a nice guy.

  14. Three young people were rescued from Trabuco Canyon in Orange County, CA after being separated on a hike in the rugged wooded country only about a mile from their car. One of the first to be located talked about how he was delirous after three days and how he knew he would not make it one more night and that it was a clear sign that God saved him and his companions (not the local search and rescue and other hikers who helped spot his lost comrades).

    Sounds to me as if he is still a little delirious.

  15. @dam – That never seems to occur to them. It is part of the delusion that their lives are more special than anyone else’s and worthy of “special protection.”

  16. @dam…..yep..he already knew/knows what would happen to each and everyone of us when he created us. It’s his “plan” don’tcha know? So I guess those that have been killed in a car wreck, horrifically killed by a madman, molested, beaten as a child, contracted a deadly disease and so on was “god’s plan”. When people say we need to put God back in our schools….Um, he is omnipresent, he is already there always has been with or without prayer. So all those children that were killed in the Sandy Hook tradgedy, God was there all along and did nothing! Maybe that was also in “his plans”. And that’s with any tradgedy of any kind. Very mean indeed!

  17. I couldn’t take it… I had to reply on one of these tonight on Facebook. The whole “School shootings happen because God isn’t allowed in schools” thing. It really is starting to drive me batty. So I said: “Disagree. Faith belongs in the home, taught as a family value… not in a public institution where my children should be learning science, math and global diversity. Nothing stops children from privately practicing their family faith in their own way at school… except that families largely don’t teach core values (faith-based or otherwise). By using this line, we excuse parents from their responsibility of raising children with the values of the home and the moral courage to uphold them, regardless of the setting. Add to that: I don’t want strangers teaching my kids core values… that is MY job, and MY job alone.”

    I think my least favorite part of religion is lack of personal accountability for actions. No one makes you do what you do but you and your own choices. End of story. When my kids make poor choices, I talk to them about it. They learn from their mistakes. And they do make better choices the next time. They remember the lesson because they own the responsibility of it.

    • @Shanan Winters I thought that was a respectful response you wrote on FB. Did you get any responses?

      I agree. Kids should behave because they think it’s the right thing to do and not because they think someone is watching over them and they are going to get points added or subtracted for behavior….

  18. When I heard on the radio the quote by the fire Capt., I just felt sorry for humanity that he wears his superstion so proudly. His lifesaving work was truly remarkable, but his quote was that he had the choice to go to either one of two Home Depots and chose to go to this one where he was on the spot to save the victim’s life.

    Hurtado, after the press conference, said he was a bit emotional talking about the experience “not because of what I did – more because the grace of God decided to put me there that afternoon. I could have picked the other Home Depot. God decided for me to go the Home Depot that I hardly ever go to and be able possibly to help a person and save their life.”

    Forget that life is full of all sorts of coincidences, and that maybe it would have been nice for his God to intervene in another way that wouldn’t have been so horrific (help the victim get a job, or mental health treatment, or receive help from family or friends that might forstall his desperate mental collapse, etc.). Instead, he imagines his God micromanages mankind in ways meant to highlight God’s supposed total awesomeness. We’re no better than lab rats in His final exam for eternity.

    I think I’m going to be sick.


    • @LanceT I know. I see stuff like that all the time and think the same. If God intervenes, why didn’t he do so earlier before the guy cut his arm. Maybe he was too busy telling the off-duty fireman to go to the other Home Depot.

  19. I’m back because I just saw a cartoon drawing posted by one of my “friends” on FB. It takes place outside of a school and the one person says “Why didn’t God stop the shooting?” and the other replies “How could he? He is not allowed in schools anymore.” UGH!! Ok, so if I remember correctly, just a few days after the Sandy Hook shooting, there was a person who was shot either inside or right outside of a church (I think it was in Pennsylvania). Why did that happen? Why didn’t God stop that shoot? It was a church, for His sake!!! And might I add that if this was his “plan,” why would he allow something so gruesome to happen to these innocent little kids? I read an article from one of the moms about their son and how horrific his injuries were. It wasn’t just bullet holes, the poor baby was shredded. Multiply that image by 26 people. To justify this by saying it was “God’s plan” is just some really sick and disgusting logic. It was the work of a very sick individual who got his hands on a very powerful weapon. Period.

    How interesting that I just saw that posting about “Ole!” I had never heard that reference to Allah until Wednesday when we watched a TED Talk video by the author of Eat, Love, Pray and she mentioned this exact thing. It was a really good speech but of course it did have religious tones. I just thought that.

    • @Gina….FB is the worst for all the proselytizing. You get to see how illogical their thought processes are, though. (Guess if you have high blood pressure, you stay away! Haha).

      Here’s an e-mail I received this morning about my kid’s school. The staff told us someone had made threats of violence against the school (a disgruntled family member–maybe a divorce?). I don’t trust “God” to keep my kids safe. All I can hope is that the police department and the justice system are doing their jobs. If people only realized that’s all we have–each other.

      High School Parents,

      Yesterday, we informed you of an alleged threat made to one of our employees and the precautionary measures we took to ensure the safety of our students and staff. The PD and other law enforcement agencies investigated the issue and the individual has been apprehended and is in police custody. We will continue with the regularly scheduled school day, and appreciate your support as we remain diligent in our efforts to ensure student and staff safety. The police department has informed us that there is no further cause for concern.

      • As for FB and religion–I closed my FB because a former student found me there and everything he posted was a quote from the bible and 95 per cent of everything else was of so little interest.

    • @dam…..”it is not for us to understand” yeah, that one grates on my nerves, but yet the faithful are always preaching as IF they understand God’s intentions, right?

      @Shanan Winters…….touche’ !!…..couldn’t agree with you more! Leave religion to be taught in church and the privacy of ones own home not school. It reminds me of a saying if you want religion to be taught in schools then it is only fair to have science taught in church!

      @Gina…….I saw that same one on FB too. That’s like saying the reason why certain people are killed is because they don’t carry a pocket Bible around with them at all times. Like the church shootings where God is in their house it is ironic they don’t seem to make the connection that is doesn’t matter. It’s just total unfortunate circumstances that people are killed where they are. Wrong place at the wrong time!

      @LanceThruster…..those stories make me want to just shake those kinds of individuals. In a way what they are actually saying is “look at ME, God chose ME to instruct which Home Depot I should go to. How many times have we all changed our minds as to which road we will take. What about the countless others who weren’t saved because the right person wasn’t there to save them. Seriously…..they have a connect the dot problem! 😛

      This is another joke circulating on FB, which is the only one I have ever responded to. It was posted by a long time friend, but now she chose not to be as close anymore.

      Teacher: Can you see God? Class: No. Teacher: Can you touch God? Class: No. Teacher: Then there isn`t a God! Student: Sir, can you see your brain? Teacher: No. Student: Can you touch your brain? Teacher: No. Student: Oh ok so you have no brain?

      I responded with….”but due to modern technology we can see our brain it’s called an MRI. She responded with….this was intended to “like” or “share” not comment on…….I then said then there shouldn’t be a place to “comment”. She then went off saying “they keep trying to put the Bible in the fiction section. I said, which it should be as it should not be taken literally. She said you have your beliefs and I have mine and you will never convince me otherwise so we should agree that we disagree. First of all we were talking about the joke which then switched to the Bible, huh? Scattered thinking. When they are cornered they tend to go quite off kilter.

      • @mtprairiegirl So is the FB “friend” who posted those jokes and didn’t want you to comment–are you guys still friends? Just wondering.

        I normally leave all jokes/comments/etc about god alone. However, since that joke is a direct poke at nonbelievers, I would have said something, too.

        Really? Was she saying that they put the Bible in the fiction section at the library or at a local bookstore? I think there is a separate section for religion in our bookstore.

  20. Teacher to child – What are you drawing?

    Child – God

    Teacher – But nobody knows what God looks like

    Child – They will now.

    Honestly, much of what grown-ups spout about their invisible buddy indicates a severe case of arrested development.

    Saw this bumper sticker the other day –

    Real men don’t have an invisble buddy

    Love it!

  21. @dam…..yes we are still friends, but the relationship has since changed in the sense I don’t think she’ll call to hang out anymore although I will still try and if she chooses not to then there is nothing I can do about it. I too never respond to those kinds of things of FB or emails, but as you said and as I felt it was poking fun at a non-believer which she knew before she posted that I was a non-believer. I sent her a private message stating just that I was offended so therefore commented. As far as her making the comment about the bible I did make mention of that as well in my private message to her about the “religious” section as her comment did not make sense. She never responded.

    • @mtprairiegirl It’s hard to be friends–close friends at least–with someone who thinks so differently that you….

      • The older I get, the more true I find this (hard to be close friends with those whose beliefs are so different than mine, whether that be religion, politics, or any fundamental beliefs and values). Mostly because I feel like “I’m” the one doing all of the “accepting” of their values, and I feel that they are merely “tolerating” mine. The gap between tolerance and acceptance is miles wide, imho…

        • @Kim I know…I feel that, too. I think it’s because we’re perceived as having ‘taken’ from the religious–as in we have taken god out of the schools.

  22. “All the world’s gods were created by human minds not yet capable of logical thought.”…pir faqir
    How many people who believe in heaven or paradise (Old Persian paira daesa) know that idea can be traced back to Zarathustra? How many of them know that his version of creation lasted one year, not the 6 days in the bible? How many know that the idea if a devil (Old Persian daeva) is also from Zarathustra? They should also learn that the coming of a messiah (Saoshyant), judgment day and angels was first put forth by Zarathustra. (Zoroaster is the version we got from the Greeks who turned Kha-shah-yar-shah into Xerxes.) And it wouldn’t hurt for them to recognize that the biblical Peter is based on Petra in Jordan and was the holiest site for the followers of Mithra. Be careful when you shake hands because that shows you’re a follower of Mithra! Oh, I almost forgot, the Inca god of creation in Peru was named Pacha Kamaq.

    • @pir faqir. Well, we are capable of logical thought now, so what’s our excuse for still believing in ideas that are not rational, that clearly have a long history?

      • “Brainwashing occurs when any cultural, political or religious idea is repeated until people begin to believe what they hear.”…pir faqir
        Think of people of North Korea who treat their ‘dear leader’ like he’s a king
        or god.
        “Every culture in the world brainwashes its children to maintain its cultural identity.”…pir fair
        It is extremely difficult to get beyond brainwashing you receive as a child.
        Luckily I didn’t get brainwashed when I was a kid and learned to think for myself when I was just 12 years old.

  23. LanceThrustrer

    @pir faqir – Thank you for the very interesting background info. From now on, whenever shaking hands, I will remember to offer, “Very pleased to Mithra.”


    Any origins for when I terrorist fist bump?

  24. SouthernConservativeFreeThinkerMom

    Please don’t confuse believers with logic. Of course God is in Christian school….it says so right on the sign. They’re good…right?

    And I bet they don’t have a catastrophic fire or disaster insurance policy for that Christian school building…right? WHY EVER WOULD THEY NEED THAT?

    Lovelovelove your blog.

    • @SCFreethinkerMom. Thanks for your comment & welcome!

      • “If you can put a name to your beliefs, those are borrowed beliefs and you are nothing more than a hammered brass mirror offering up faulty reflections of the beliefs that you borrowed.”…pir faqir
        Think about this for more than 40 years. pir faqir did.
        FYI pir means old and faqir means poor.

        • @pir faqir Nearly all of our beliefs–or knowledge–is borrowed or recycled. That’s interesting what pir faqir means. I also looked up its origins and found there was an Indian spiritual leader by that name.

          • In the seen he past I’ve seen ‘faqir’ in Hindi texts spelled ‘fakhir’ which is a different sound than the ‘q’. The ‘q’ in ‘faqir’ sounds like the ‘q’ at the end of Iraq and its correct pronunciation is more like e-rock than eye-rack. It’s actually a sound like the ‘g’ at the beginning of get. And Iraq means ‘low land’ in Old Persian and Baghdad means ‘god given’ again in Old Persian.
            The sound of kh is a gutteral fricative which doesn’t exist in English. I lived in Iran for 9 years and used to be fluent in Farsi (Persian).

            • @pir faqir Interesting….What took you to Iran?

              • I originally went as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 1964 to teach English as a Second Language. After working on an MA in radio-tv-film at the University of Texas 66-8 I received an offer to teach at the Institute of Mass Communication in Tehran so I went back and stayed another 7 years. I still teach ESL four nights each week at a local adult education center.

  25. wanttobefairinOR

    I’m curious how many public school districts out there offer “bible study” during the school day. My kids are in elementary school and when they started school a few years ago, was the FIRST time i had ever heard of such a thing. I do not recall it being offered when I was in school (in the same state). They get around the “separation of church and state” by holding the class in a small building across the street from each school, usually affiliated with a nearby church. I have no problem with those families who want their children to attend bible school, Sunday school, etc. But their argument for this “weekday bible” as they call it, is that it is their “right” to have a certain amount of time out of the school day for religious studies. Again, I have no problem if that is how they choose to spend their time.

    What I DO have a problem with, is that THIER choice is taking away from other kids’ education. One day a week for an entire HOUR, several students from my children’s classrooms go to “bible” … and while they are gone all classroom instruction stops. The teachers are not allowed to proceed with class NOR introduce new material during the “bible” hour. NOW — how is that fair? Those who remain in the classroom are not “allowed” to infringe on their “rights” to study religion? Yet it seems to me that their bible study is being allowed to infringe on OUR classroom time, which is WHY we are all at school!!! WHY is their desire to worship more important than our desire to learn? Religion is a personal choice, shouldn’t it be saved for churches and Sunday school on their own time?

    It is hypocritical to say the very least.

    We have asked around to see if others have similar feelings about this loss of time from our school day, and learned that we have to be very careful in this small community. Even those who agree with us, are very hush-hush about it (looking over their shoulder as they speak), and have advised us to not “rock the boat”, it’s been in place for decades, and going against it is a sure way to be shunned by the community.

    Holy cow. This is a scary mindset, kind of brainwashing, and we are seriously considering moving (even though we love our schools) because of it.

    • @wanttobefairinOR Thanks for sharing that. Wow-I cannot believe that goes on in public schools. Which state are you in? Oregon? I would think that stopping education for “bible study” would be against the law.

  26. I see this stupid laptop and moved some text into the first line. It in the past I’ve seen …”

  27. I am with you. If God is so powerful, why does he let innocent children die in wars and disease? You ask that to the catholic church and they will tell you, “oh, it’s not God’s fault, it’s man’s fault.”. OK, but that doesn’t mean God has to sit on the sidelines and do nothing!!!…

    The church is so full of shit is not even funny.

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