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Two things I wanted to share…What does it mean to be a nonbeliever? Not that we go out and try to convert others to think like us; just that we go out and try to be as kind as possible as often as possible. Right? Isn’t that the crux of it? (As saab93f says, we follow the Golden Rule.)

And I thought I’d share this with you if you don’t already know: We learned about this program through my older kid’s AP Physics class, and my 14-year-old loves it, too. It’s a great investment, especially at $23. If your kids, no matter the age or gender, love video or computer games, this one is fun, educational and nonviolent. It’s a “physics-based flight simulation” that flies and crashes as it should (as it says on its site). Players can build a rocket and launch it into space. But let me tell you, it’s not easy. You have to build the thing correctly, so it will fly, and there’s always the chance that you might be able to launch it, but it won’t be able to orbit. This is not an advertisement; I know nothing save for what I’ve seen watching my kids use the program and from reading the info on their site. I’m just giving you my humble opinion because I think other parents want to provide as many positive learning opportunities as possible.

I rather teach kids how to think and to create things that help man rather than to destroy…


8 responses to “Good games

  1. “The primary function of the human brain is to gather information it can use to create a better life for all mankind.”…pir faqir

    • @pir faqir I like that…

      • Absofreakinloutley!!! I don’t care how someone tries to prenset any religion, it is still the same structured mind controlling, greed inspired tyrannical hate mongering drivel it always has been, and ever will be. A person does not have to be religious to enjoy life on this pointless, but fascinating planet. I love life, Eventhough it’s chaotic. I love seeing my children grow up, I’m glad I get to guide them in life. I tell them what I believe to be the truth based on fact, not mythical stories of unicorns building a boat before some big flood( just joking, I know how the story goes) a person must be incredibly narcissistic (thanks auto text) to think they can save the world and everyone in it, as long as Santa clause chooses them as the vessel to bring the good word PS. Thank you X for this wonderful blog.

  2. I don’t get your response to “what does it mean to be a non-believer?” I mean, to me it means simply, I don’t believe in the mythology of a supreme being. That, to me, is quite separate from how I treat others.

    I do believe there is sort of a “reflection” in the universe, so that if I put out kindness, it will be reflected back. If I’m compassionate, helpful, etc. those will be reflected not only back, but around. Not always, nor am I always those things. I have bad days, too, though I try hard not to be rude and not to let my personal baggage of the moment be in others ways. Ultimately, it’s almost a selfish thing. The idea of being kind, doing unto others because I want them to be kind to me. Give to charity because it makes me feel good and also because should I ever need it, I want it available to me. It’s about the only kind of selfishness I can go for (that and the selfishness of wanting to keep your icky germs all to yourself. Please, be selfish then, too, OK?)

    I guess, what I want to say is, I need no mythology to tell me I should be kind to others.I can be moral, not murder, steal, lie, cheat, etc., without some ceiling being threatening me. To believe otherwise is ridiculous.

    • @Aunt Melissa I see your point, and I think you’re right that ultimately being a non-believer just means we don’t have belief. What I was trying to say is that many of us also have a code we live by, and that’s the same thing that unites us (Be kind, don’t harm, etc)…There’s an assumption (as you noted) that we cannot have morals if we do not have belief in a higher power.

      I agree with you–things we do are reflected back–or even they continue on….Selfishness is a good and necessary thing to keep and continue our species. It’s only when selfishness supplants other things like coooperation that it becomes bad. It’s OK that we give to or help others because it makes us feel good. Better than giving out of fear we’ll go to hell. 🙂

  3. I would add that we unbelievers have little else than the original golden rule to live by – the rule without any deities one should put above anything else.
    I strongly believe that goodness comes in return and that we should live this unique and precious life to the fullest bearing in mind that we have the responsibility to leave our children a better world that the one we “received”.

    To the original topic, anything and everything that aids kids’ brains to create and innovate is a good thing.

  4. I can second Kerbal Space Program. And if there’s a screwup I haven’t made, give me time. I’m working on it.

    My personal most spectacular: accidentally pressing the space bar three times instead of two.
    1) the first stage liquid fuel engines and solid rocket booster engines started. OK.
    2) the supports holding the ship upright and to the ground separated. So far, OK.
    3) The still-burning solid rocket boosters separated from the first stage, waaay to early, careening into the second stage’s fuel tank. The resulting explosion was everything a little kid could ask for, and showed that the KSP programmers needed to add an escape tower to its parts list. And I needed to switch to decaf.

    Sorry about that, Jebediah.

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