And in just a few days….

The tragedy in Newtown is already out of the headlines, fading from memory. The stores are packed with Christmas shoppers.  Parents are eager to leave their children with sitters for a night out.

This is the fate of every tragedy, every death. The rest of us go on. And when nature one day turns and rids the planet of the human species, the rest will go on….


5 responses to “And in just a few days….

  1. Tom Fitzsimmons

    I raised my daughter this way and she is now a thirty something who has a good job, a very productive caring member of society and one who has a lot of positive self-esteem. I too value the guarantee of freedom of religion and I also value the freedom from religion. If it brings comfort and happiness to people to believe in a God, then I think that should be respected. I don’t go around trying to change peoples mind or get them to stop believing in God. Why do they think they have must change my mind and make me believe in God? I know they believe the bible says that it is their duty but once they have done this once with a person doesn’t it just become harassment to keep it up, it shows complete disrespect for the other person and they wouldn’t appreciate it if I kept trying to get them to convert to a non-believer.

  2. This was the only approach that made sense to me. Imagine if you come across a gas station selling gas for 50 cents a gallon. I think most people would call all their good friends and tell them about it, feel virtually *compelled* to tell them. And after a while, if a friend still hadn’t gone there, again feel compelled to try to convince them. When I heard that analogy and applied it to any one religion or god, it made sense. Now I can “handle” the unsolicited attempts much better (because I really DO think such attempts are meant well from that person’s mind).

    • @SLTsherey I do think such attempts are meant well. However, a lot of people think that recruiting on god’s behalf will increase their chances of going to heaven. Good deeds.

  3. I just became a huge fan of your blog! I have decided to part ways from my catholic upbringing a few years back because I just don’t believe..I find that God is what people want to believe so they don’t have to think outside the box. I’m now raising a two year old little girl who I want to grow up making her own decisions in life after concluding through a ton of information what best suits her individuality. However, I’ve grown up getting a Christmas tree and buying gifts, family Christmas dinners, etc.. Do you do anything at all for Christmas with your kids?? I just really don’t know any other way. I just look at it as a party day with family, I guess.

    • @Shantel Yes, we celebrate the whole Courrier & Ives Christmas thing. There area 2 Christmases, really, in this country, and the one celebrating Christ’s birth is probably not the actual day he was born.

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